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Notes from the Superintendent

2016 has now come to an end. I hope this also ends all the snow we have received since the end of November. Hopefully, 2017 will bring less snow and more sunshine.

I will be using PARENT LINK to contact you on any school closing or early outs due to the weather. Please make sure to update your profiles on the school website www. to make changes to your profile. I will continue to run any closing or early out on KBTO Radio, KXMC TV (CBS) and KMOT TV (NBC). I also encourage parents to visit with their children about dressing properly for the cold weather. Students not dressed properly run a risk of possible frost bite. This also includes those students in extra-curricular activities. Your help with this is very much appreciated.

School was cancelled four days before the Christmas break. As of right now, three of those days will be made up on Monday, February 20, Tuesday, April 18th, and Friday, May 26th. At this point I am not sure how the fourth day will be made up. I am waiting to see if the Governor is going to forgive a day. My gut feeling is “NO”. If the district has to make up the fourth day, there are a couple of different options. One possibility would be adding additional time on to the school day until the six hours are met. Another possibility is using one of our spring break days, (March 16th) or Easter Monday, April 17th. Hopefully school will not have to be cancelled anymore this school year.