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Storm Make Up Days

I am writing this letter in regards to the storm make up days.  Currently, the district has missed four days of school.  These days will need to be made up and will not be forgiven or waived by Governor Burgum.  I received correspondence from the state last Friday, February 17.  The correspondence I received stated Governor Burgum’s position at this time is not to support waiving any storm days.

The district does have a plan in place to make up the four days missed in November and December of this school year.  Three of the days will be made up by using the storm make-up days built into the approved 2016-17 school calendar.  Those three days are Monday, February 20 (President’s Day), Tuesday, April 18 (Easter Tuesday) and Friday, May 26.  The fourth day will be made up by adding time onto the school day.  We must make up six hours.  This will be done by adding one half hour onto the school day for twelve days.  This is equivalent to making up one day.  I will be adding 15 minutes to the beginning of the day and 15 minutes to the end of the day.  Bus route pick up times will remain the same and school will start at normal time (8:35 am).  Students in the building will be required to report to their home room at 8:20 am and have a study hall for 15 minutes.  The remaining 15 minutes will be added to the end of the day.  This means school will be dismissed at 3:25 pm.  This will begin on Monday, March 20 and end on Tuesday, April 4.

We are still scheduled to have no school for Spring Break (March 16 and March 17) and Easter Monday (April 17).  I felt it was important to have these days off.  It gets to be a long second semester without a day off or two.  This is why I am adding time onto the school day to make up the fourth day missed.  If we were to miss any more school due to weather, the district may have to use one of our scheduled days off as a make-up day.  Hopefully, this will not happen.  Have a safe and enjoyable week.

Jason Kersten