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Notes from the Superintendent

Dear Patrons,

Hopefully everyone has had a fun filled summer and everything is going well. With August comes the time of year for schools to be starting throughout North Dakota and hopefully everyone is ready for the new year to begin. As usual the schools are busy all summer getting renovation, remodeling and basic cleaning needs completed so that the school is ready when our students return. Our custodians have been hard at work and have the school ready and looking great for the return of our students.

When you come into the school look around at the new improvements, some should jump out at you and others will be subtle. The most important improvement has been the renovation of the playground equipment at the high school and Central School. We replaced these because they were inspected and did not meet the safety requirement allowed by the ND Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF). For those wondering why the playground was removed just west of the Middle School, the NDIRF would not provide insurance coverage because of location. There also was insufficient space to allow for fall hazards for the equipment that was located there. This has caused some concerns, but we believe that we can accommodate all recess’ with the area SE of the high school. A chain link fence was also installed along the sidewalk on the east side, this was done for safety reasons and to avoid students running out onto the adjacent roadway next to the playground. Multiple other projects have been completed, I will leave those be for now and see if you notice?

You will also find other documents included in this newsletter. The prices for our breakfast and lunch programs will remain the same and parents will again have the discount available to those who choose to pay for a half or a full year in advance, families are also encouraged to apply for free or reduced meals. This application is posted on the school website, if you have any questions on this or need assistance please stop by the high school office or call Debbie Weber at the high school, she will be able to assist you.

Activity passes are available to the public, parents and students at the high school office, these prices did not increase from the 2016-2017 school year!

I am very excited to start this school year, I have always enjoyed the first day of school when the students return! I am especially looking forward to this year, being a new employee to the District I am anxious to meet our students, get to know them and help our staff provide a positive environment for them to grow!