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Building Update 6.24.2019

There have been quite a few questions regarding when construction will be starting.  It has started! Unfortunately most of what is being done is not very visible unless you have access to the inside of the building, so here is an update as of June 24, 2019.

The lobby/hallway in front of the auditorium has now been sealed off, the ceiling has been removed and hundreds of wires have been bundled and suspended.  If these wires were to come down or get damaged, the school would be out of commission as they include our main lines of communication with everyone that we do business with.

Several windows need to be removed and replaced with block to maintain the integrity of the fire separation that will need to occur for the new structure that is being built, this has begun.

The plumbers are on site today to start two projects: 1) demolition of the water lines in the boiler room, or at least what can be done prior to the abatement (our goal is this week sometime) taking place, and 2) There are three water lines that connect the boiler room to the mechanical room in the Middle School that run across the area of new construction.  These will be eliminated and re-routed inside the existing auditorium entry.

The demo and stripping of the building pad is scheduled to begin the end of this week and shortly after July 4th we will have surveyors on site to finish the site layout and staking and we should start seeing concrete work begin around the 8th of July.

The pictures don’t show much but it does show a little of what has been taking place, keep checking back for more updates as things progress.

Pat Brenden