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2019 Star Volleyball Letter

Star Volleyball Team:

 I hope that your summer has been enjoyable and that you are looking forward to the 2019 season. I’m very excited for this season to begin, as we hopefully will demonstrate strong fundamentals, determination, drive, desire, hustle, and a love for the game. I think that we will be a team that will work hard, have fun, and improve throughout the season. We must work together if we are going to achieve any of our goals for the season. This season, we should strive to be one of the top teams in our District and Region. This will involve a lot of hard work, desire, and dedication on all of our parts. Every player must contribute, and understand their role. Each and every role is important regardless of the squad that you’re on. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the court or not during matches, you should cheer for your teammates, and you should always work hard and have a great attitude in practice. Everyone must agree and understand that team success is the ultimate goal and what we are striving for!

I know that some of you have been working this summer through camps and open gyms to improve yourself as an athlete and volleyball player, that’s great! If you can, please attend any or all of the remaining open gyms. The captains also requested to have captain’s practices for the girls in Grades 9 through 12 during the week of August 12th. at 6:00 pm. Start thinking about the goals that we, as a team, should strive for. Also, set some goals that you, individually, want to achieve this year. With strong fundamentals and everyone pulling together as a team, this season can be a very fun and successful one!

 The NDHSAA requires a complete physical every year. The front page of this form must be completed prior to your appointment. Call the Bottineau Clinic @ 228-9400 to set up an appointment. The Clinic should have the necessary forms or stop by the High School office. We must have a physical form on record before the athlete is allowed to practice. (You may hand them into the high School Office prior to practice beginning or bring it with you on August 19th., please remember to have it signed by a parent)

 Practice will begin on Monday, August 19th. We will be having skill & physical testing in the morning and a regular practice in the evening.

Our schedule for that day will be:

8:30 am          10th. – 12th.        Graders

10:45 am                        9th.       Graders

6:15 pm            9th. –  12th.       Graders

The rest of the August schedule will be handed out on Monday, August 12th. at the Captains Practice.

If you have any questions, call me at: (S) 228-2266, or (C) 550-0627.

Coach Dunrud