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Important Updates for the 2019-20 School Year

With the start of school fast approaching there are a few house-keeping items that I would like to inform parents about to have less confusion during the first weeks of school.

First, Parent Dropoff/Pickup:

Central School will have no changes so if you have a child or children there just continue to do what has been done in the past.

Middle School/High School: Middle School (grades 3-6) students should be dropped off and picked up at Door #4, this is on the north side of the building on 2nd Street. Junior High/High School students should be dropped off and picked up at Door #14, this in on the south side of the building. Other traditional drop off locations (doors) will not be accessible due to construction of the new addition.

Second, Bus Loading and Unloading:

Central School, again no changes will occur at Central School regarding busing.

Middle School/High School: Beginning with the 2019-2020 School Year, buses will load and unload students on the east side of the building on Simrall Boulevard. Students in grades 3-6 will enter and exit using Door #5, students in grades 7-12 will enter and exit using Door #7.

Lastly, Late start Wednesday:

The District will NO LONGER start school late on Wednesday mornings. School will begin at 8:35 a.m. everyday that school is in session. If a late start should be needed at some time during the school year, this will be announced prior to those times and on an individual basis.

Construction Updates:

Below is a brief timeline of the project work that is currently taking place (3-week look ahead) as well as a look at what is to occur soon. We are working on a photo/video file sharing with Construction Engineers, once in place we will be able to share out video and photos of the project.

– Three-week look ahead

o 8/19 Pipe Insulators will be on-site to insulate the new piping that occurred in the JH hallway and in front of the auditorium
o 8/19 Begin the relocation of the utilities from overhead to underground
o 8/19 Underground plumbing begins
o 8/20 Tie into the main waterline and sanitary lines under 2nd street
o 8/20 Start Ceiling Tile installation in auditorium lobby, this will complete the work in the lobby area, and it will be ready for use during the school year
o 8/23 Begin forming and pouring the west foundation wall
o 8/30 Anticipated completion of the backfill

– Tentative Future Timeline

o 9/16 Steel will be delivered on-site
o 9/17 Begin the prep and pouring of the slab
o 9/17 Begin steel erection
o 9/27 Begin installation of the new boilers
o 10/1 Anticipated boiler start-up/testing