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Locker room Locker contents

As Mr. Bickford mentioned in his weekly announcements, we are working through getting students the contents of their lockers from the locker rooms.  We have taken pictures of a few distinguishable items from the lockers.  We will be posting some pictures from the boys and girls locker rooms so the students can identify their lockers.  Each picture has a white board with a number on it, we will use that number to identify the contents.  We are not posting the contents of all of the lockers at once.  We are doing this in small batches so the logistics are more manageable.  If you don’t see your locker in the first group, don’t panic.  We will post additional groups at a later time.  We will continue to do this until we have worked through all of the lockers.  Thank you for your understanding.

You can see the contents of the first round of lockers at the link below.  If you are able to identify your locker, please contact the school to arrange a pickup.  You can call the school at:  701.228.2266 between the hours of 9am – 2pm Mon – Fri.  You can also email:  Please provide a phone number at which you can be contacted and the number in the photo of your locker.