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Bottineau Winter Sport Guidelines/Restrictions for Home Games

Bottineau Winter Sport Guidelines/Restrictions for Home Games:


  • Masks are required for team personnel at all times during contests except for players participating where the level of exertion makes it difficult to wear them.
  • All of our games will be played in the High School Gym. We will live stream all basketball games on the NFHS Network.
  • 1.) Go to
  • 2.) create an account
  • 3.) search Bottineau HS
  • We’ve had a sponsor step up and pay a fee so that fans do not need a subscription to watch our home games. There are many schools where a subscription is needed to watch. ($10.99/month)
  • Hockey games will be live streamed at this time at
  • Minimal concessions will be available.
  • At this time we are allowing 50 home fans and no opponent fans.
  • Team members are receiving 2 tickets for family members to attend. Show your ticket to the ticket-takers and pay the admittance fee of $5.00.
  • Please park on the south side of the school and enter/exit through door #14.
  • Masks are required for all fans at all times.
  • Masks are required for all table/sideline personnel during contests.
  • Social distancing is recommended for family groups while in attendance.
  • Crowd limitations apply to spectators/audience only. (excludes athletes, coaches, table personnel, officials, administration, and event staff)
  • We are asking that for JH games, each player may have 2 family members attend. At this time we are not handing out tickets for these games. If you do not have a ticket to attend the High School games after, (if there are HS games after) we will expect that you leave after the JH games. Please follow guidelines stated above.

Current ND Smart Restart Crowd Limitations are as follows:

  • Orange/High Risk – 50 fans. (2 tickets/team member – Bottineau team)