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Central Book Fair is Coming!

Please mark your calendars for the Central Book Fair! The Book Fair will take place Monday, October 27 and Tuesday, October 28 in the Central School Gym. The Book Fair will be open during Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday until 8:00. Keep an eye out for more information that will be sent home soon!

Minot Daily News Digital Access

As print subscribers to the Minot Daily News, we also are eligible to receive digital access. If you are interested in using the digital access, the user name and password are listed below: User Name: Password: Bottineau1 (Bottineau followed by the #1)   Digital Access to the Minneapolis Star Tribune *The Library has also purchased a digital subscription to the...

Forgotten Fire (Chapters 24-end of book)

This page links to the continuation of Forgotten Fire, Chapters 24-35.   Forgotten Fire Chapter 24 Part 1 (pages 159-167) Forgotten Fire Chapter 24 Part 2 (pages 167-174) Forgotten Fire Chapter 25 Part 1 (pages 177-186) Forgotten Fire Chapter 25 Part 2 (pages 186-193) Forgotten Fire Chapter 26 part 1 (pages 194-202) Forgotten Fire Chapter 26 Part 2 (pages 202-204) Forgotten Fire Chapter 27 (pages 205-210) Forgotten Fire...

Book Fair

Mark your calendars–the Scholastic Book Fair is coming!! This is a great opportunity to put books into the hands of our students. Plus, all profits from the Book Fair go to purchasing new books for our libraries. When: Monday, March 24 (8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) Tuesday, March 25 (8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.) *Open during Parent Teacher Conferences Where: Junior High/High School Library Online Ordering: If you would prefer to order...