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PTO Street Festival and Family Literacy Night

SAVE THE DATE! The PTO Street Festival and Family Literacy Night will take place Thursday, May 14 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Please see flyer below for more details. Hope to see everyone there!

Minot Daily News Digital Access

As print subscribers to the Minot Daily News, we also are eligible to receive digital access. If you are interested in using the digital access, the user name and password are listed below: User Name: Password: Bottineau1 (Bottineau followed by the #1)   Digital Access to the Minneapolis Star Tribune *The Library has also purchased a digital subscription to the...

Jr. Braves Camp

We are getting ready for another season of Bottineau Braves Basketball!  We have some open gyms coming up, the schedule will be released later on this week or early next week.  We still have to work around HS Volleyball, 5/6 grade boys basketball, jr. high volleyball, and soon 7/8 grade girls basketball.  Another thing starting all the boys will need to be around to help with is Jr. Braves camp.  The first camp is...

Upcoming Things

The start of winter and basketball season is approaching fast!  Be on the lookout for some things that will be sent home with your son/daughter.  Jr. Braves camp will be starting on November 2nd and running to December 14th.  A flyer will be sent home next week with tons of more information.  Open Gyms are starting up now as well.  Open gyms are open to all kids grades 7-12 boys and girls.  We will have open gym on...