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Construction Project

This page is dedicated to providing information regarding the proposed building project to replace Central School.


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Project Costs:


The total amount that the District is requesting is $7,500,000.  This amount will pay for the cost of the new construction of a Pre-K to second grade addition.  This addition will add 28,000 square feet to the existing 3-12 school building.  IF the referendum passes, this money will be acquired through the State Construction Loan Program at the Bank of ND at a fixed rate of 2%.


Tax Impact (Residential/Commercial/Ag):

The link below will take you to an excel sheet that can calculate the cost for your property.  (You will need to be on a computer, not a mobile device or tablet)

Tax Impact Calculator




November 15th – Second Public Meeting.  This will be held at Central School at 6:00pm.

December 11th – Election, this will be held in front of the auditorium from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Spring 2019 – Start of construction if the Referendum passes.

Fall 2020 – Projected move in date.


Is the new addition large enough for growth?  The new addition will be constructed to accommodate 20% more students than are currently being served.

How much will taxes increase?  For every $100,000 Full and True Value, residential property will increase by $4.48/month.  For Commercial property the increase per $100,000 Full and True Value will be $5.44/month.  For Ag land the the increase will be $64.00 per quarter of land.

What was the cost of the past failed referendums?  The 2013 referendum was asking for $18,900,000.  The 2014 referendum was asking for $12,960,000.

Who can vote for the referendum?  Any person residing in the District who is 18 years of age or older can vote.

Can property owners who live outside the District vote?  No, only property owners who live within the District Boundary can vote.

Can my child who is away at college vote?  Yes, but only if their permanent residence is still listed the same as the parents. Basically, if the address on their ND Driver’s License is within the District Boundary, they are eligible to vote even when they are away at college.

What is Pre-K?

– The Pre-k program at Bottineau Public School is an Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program, not a daycare or Head Start style program.

– ECSE is a set of services for 3-5-year-old students who are eligible for special education services including cognitive, speech and physical disabilities.

– Bottineau Public School uses a half day self-contained model to address the needs of the 3-5-year-olds with disabilities where they can receive all the needed services in an efficient, effective manner.

– Many of the students who are eligible for ECSE services come from age 0-3 programs where determining eligibility and transitioning them to school-based programs is mandated by federal and state law.

– Early intervention for preschool students with disabilities has been shown through research to save educational resources through-out the rest of the child’s school years.

Why does the ballot say bonds if the school is getting a loan from the Bank of ND?  School districts can only borrow money through the issuance of bonds. So, while the state program is generically referred to as a loan, the State requires that school districts issue bonds to the State to receive the loan.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please direct them to:

Pat Brenden:

Joel Bickford:

Brian Palmer:

High School Office:  701.228.2266

Middle School Office:  701.228.3718

Central School Office:  701.228.3014

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