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King Elija Derr, Queen Megan Fix, Kaitlin Moen, Colby Patterson

Elijah Derr, Megan Fix, Parker Engelhard, Shelby Grenier, Hunter Tooke, Jocelyn Jahner, Brody Moum, Skyler Patterson, Ethan Jensen, Alexis Schmidt Front: Kaitlin Moen, Colby Patterson

Bottineau High School
Homecoming 2015 Activities Schedule


Sunday, Sept. 13

Hallway decorating 1:00 pm -3:00pm in high school (art room will be open until 3:00 only)


Monday, Sept. 14th

Hallway Judging in the morning
Coronation, 10:00 am, Holwell Auditorium (Grades 9-12) Open to the Public
Theme: Dress-up Day.


Tuesday, Sept. 15th

Theme: Dress Like A Teacher
Pep Club: Pass the Water


Wednesday, Sept. 16th


Theme: Wacky Wednesday

Pep Club: Sponge Brigade


Thursday, Sept. 17th


Theme: Dress Your Age (Seniors – First Day of Retirement; Juniors – First Day of Work; Sophomores First Day of School; Freshmen -Babies)
Pep Club: Noodle Football Toss


Friday, Sept. 18th

Theme: Class theme day/Class color day:
Class Competition in the morning
Dodge Ball tournament after lunch
Pep Rally
Homecoming Parade (following pep rally), Starting Point: Fairgrounds
Homecoming Football Game vs. Our Redeemers, 7:00 pm, Les Christian Field
Homecoming Dance following football game, Multipurpose room 9:00pm – 12:00am ($6.00 per person)

Dodge Ball & Parade (pix)

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Dodge Ball and Parade pix 2013

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Blanket Volleyball (Pix)

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Blanket Volleyball 2013

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Slip and Slide Action (Pix)

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Attached are some pix of the slip and slide game for homecoming week.  Participants were to hold an egg, slide down the slip and slide and put the egg in a bucket.  The team that got the most unbroken eggs in the bucket the fastest won.

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