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Pat Brenden

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Position:  Superintendent


Phone:  701.228.2266

Education: Bachelors (1986) and Master’s (2007) Degrees from North Dakota State University

About: I begin my teaching career at Dunseith Public School as a junior high science teacher, which led to me spending all 30 years of my education career in the Dunseith District in various capacities; JH Science Teacher, HS Life Sciences Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal and Superintendent. While in Dunseith I also coached cross country, volleyball and track for 15 years, in 1991-92 school year I was voted the Cross-Country Coach of the Year in Cross Country.

My wife Holly and I have two children.  Jon lives in Burlington, Steph is currently a student at NDSU, both are graduates of Bottineau Public School.

My family raises and sells horses as a side business which helps me feel somewhat connected to the farm life I grew up in. My first-priority in life is my family, I also avidly pursue my passion for hunting. I take an annual bear hunt each year with friends in Minnesota, and the rest of the fall is taken up hunting anything that time allows. I enjoy my role as a superintendent but it does make you feel somewhat disconnected from the students, so I try not to be the person who sits behind the desk all day. I always enjoy working with students and seeing how they grew into young adults. I look forward to getting to know the dynamics of the students and staff that make up the Bottineau Public School District.

Notes from the Superintendent

Posted by on Feb 28, 2019 in Administration, Notes from the Superintendent | 0 comments

Dear Patrons,   Legislation and Construction – These topics have really consumed most of my time the past couple months.  But I won’t complain, the construction process is enjoyable knowing that there is a product that will come from the hard work that everyone is putting into this.  A concept from the fall of 2017 developed into a major group effort and it is continuing to be an all-encompassing project.  Teachers’ in Pre-K through 2 have been involved in meetings with the architects.  They have added some great insight and...

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Notes from the Superintendent

Posted by on Jan 4, 2019 in Notes from the Superintendent | 0 comments

Dear Patrons,   For a process that started about a year ago, the time leading up to our referendum vote sure did seem to fly by.   As an administrator there are many things that take place in an average day, last week Tuesday I experienced a first in my career, a public vote that would dictate what the next year and a half would bring!  It probably ranks up there as one of the most nerve-wracking days as an administrator that I have had.  At the end of the day when the dust settled, and everything was said and done, a second...

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Notes from the Superintendent

Posted by on Nov 29, 2018 in Notes from the Superintendent | 0 comments

Dear Patrons, I want to again remind parents to encourage your students to dress appropriately for the weather, you never can determine when a bus or vehicle will break down.  Bus delays become something that we need to deal with come winter so please be patient if your bus arrives a little late during pick up and drop off time this winter.  Hopefully everything runs smooth and stays on time, but we all know what winter can bring to our great state!  If you know that your child will not be riding the bus in the morning we ask that you let...

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