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State DECA (Pix!)

We were in Bismarck from Sunday to Tuesday for the conference.  I brought with 18 students to compete.  Even though all didn’t win, all represented the school well and made it really easy on me!

Karlee McCloud- Karlee competed in the Apparel and Accessories (top 50%) event and the Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan with Emily. They are taking the Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan to the national conference.

Emily Olson- Emily also competed in the Apparel and Accessories event.  She was also top 50% and finished 3rd on one of the role plays.  As I mentioned before, her and Karlee are taking their Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan to the national conference.

Rachael Fix-Rachael competed in the Hotel and Lodging event (top 50% and 1st on the test).  She also prepared an International Business Plan which she will be taking to the national conference.

Anjali Kumar-Anjali compted in the Principles of Hotel and Lodging Management event.  She placed 1st on the test portion and will be going to nationals in this event.

Kaytlyn Aufforth-Kaytlyn had a busy weekend!  She competed in the Accounting Series (3rd on a test) and presented a Hospitality Sales prepared event.  She did not qualify for nationals in those, but was very close in both!  She also ran for state office.  Each year, participants from the various DECA chapters can run for office (sophomores and juniors).  This year, there were 14 people running for 7 spots.  That may seem like good odds, but many of the people running are from chapters like Fargo South, Fargo North, Grand Forks Red River and other much larger schools than us.  Each candidate submits a portfolio, has to interview and campaigns to get votes while at the conference….they have literally 0 free time.  Our chapter only gets 4 voting delegates, while the larger chapters get 15.  After all of that, Kaytlyn was still elected to state office! To have a kid from a small chapter like ours and only as a Sophomore get elected is rare indeed.  She did an excellent job representing herself and our chapter in Bismarck this weekend.  She will be going to the national conference as a North Dakota State Officer and will go through leadership training and will be a voting delegate for the National Conference.

Other people that competed: Courtney Gallagher, Luke Amsbaugh, Hunter Haakenson, Cody Allard, Megan Fix, Paige Vad, Harrison Aide, Alexis Kihle, Jocelyn Jahner, Shelby Grenier, Sophie Peck, Sasha Peck, Megan Olson

Please congratulate all of the above contestants.  They certainly presented and represented our school in the best possible way while we were there.  We will have 5 kids going to the national conference which runs from May 3rd-6th in Atlanta Georgia.