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State DECA (Pix!)

BPS brought 21 students to the state DECA competition this year, our largest group yet. They represented the school well.

Cody Leonard was our outstanding new member this year.

Bailey Schmidt was on a team that competed in an Amazing Race style of event and they finished 2nd.

Mercedes McKay finished the top 50% in her event, principles of finance. A very nice accomplishment for a first year member.

Sophie Peck finished 2nd in accounting. She does not qualify for nationals as they had a low turnout and the formula is different when this happens. She still did well.

Cody Allard had the 3rd highest test score in his event, human resource management. He finished 5th overall, his highest finish ever.

Kaytlyn Aufforth was 1st in one of her role plays in automotive service and finished 2nd overall. She qualified for nationals in this event.

Kaytlyn and Dylan also participated in the Sports and Entertainment Promotion plan and they finished 5th overall.

Anjali competed in Hotel and Lodging management. She had the 2nd highest test score in the event and placed 2nd overall. She also qualified for nationals in this event.

Anjali also presented a Hospitality Sales Promotion project and finished 5th.

Both Kaytlyn and Anjali ran for state officer positions. Kaytlyn was a state officer last year and was running for re-election while Anjali was running for her first spot. They had to complete a test, give a speech to all the participants at state DECA, go through an interview process and campaign the entire time they were down there. When it was all said and done, Kaytlyn was re-elected and Anjali just missed out. Anjali will have an opportunity to run again next year (even though she said no already!).

I’m very proud of the way the kids behaved and represented BHS. Some met their goals while others showed signs of improvement in competition.

-Nate Simpson