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State Music Contest Results (Band)

CONGRATULATIONS to the following instrumental students on receiving a STAR rating – the highest rating one can receive, at State Music Contest on May 2 in Bismarck.


•French Horn Solo:  Maria Diepolder

•Snare Drum Solo:  Chanda Jerde

•Tenor Saxophone Duet:  Alexis Gullett & Nolan Pewe

•French Horn Trio:  Maria Diepolder, Stephanie Brenden, & Andrew Haberman

•Saxophone Choir: Alex Bristol, Janie Vandal, Jocelyn Jahner, Shaylee Spinks, Katie Pigeon, Noah Cerkowniak, Noah Grant, Lexi Gullet, Nolan Pewe, Taisyn Rodriguez, & Jair Peltier

•Brass Ensemble:  Hannah Reimche, Jeremy Johnson, AnnavBuzzerd, Kaylee Holloway, Maria Diepolder, AndrewvHaberman, Connor McWhinney, Braden Pewe, KylevSaville, Samantha Backman, and Stephanie Brenden

In addition to the above solos and ensembles that received a STAR rating, our other solos received a “I” rating – the next highest rating that one can receive at region or state music competition.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!  We came home with 6 out of 8 STARS!

Fantastic Job Musicians!!!