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1st Annual Fall Festival

1st Annual Fall Festival What the Heck is that?

Why will we have this festival?

  • This school year we did not have a Homecoming Volleyball Match and a bonfire. We (admin and staff) thought that we should let the girls have an event highlighted. Hence, the bonfire will be after Thursday night’s Volleyball Match. It is our Fall Festival Game (also a Spirit Game!)
  • Prior to the match on the afternoon of 24th we will do community service projects in the school or in our community. The work hours will be from 12:00 to 3:10
  • Students will need to wear work clothes and hats if desired that afternoon.

Here’s a few things you need to know

  • Students will sign up for a task (lets say painting)
  • The students will sign up at the library. Each task will be assigned an advisor and an amount of people needed. We will not go over the limit needed.
  • When we sign up (tentatively Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon period 8) we will sign up in order of class starting with seniors (seniority has privileges)
  • Every student is expected to participate. There will not be a group allowed to stay behind and work on homework.

We can do it, we need effort because it is for us!

  • It is three hours of volunteer work. The school and community need you.
  • You will have a delicious treat and water. Enjoy the day, we may soon be out of nice weather.
  • Abbreviated classes this day!
  • Staff will be participating as well. No slackers!
  • Kind of a mini homecoming (wear work clothes)