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Notes from the Superintendent

Dear Patrons,


For a process that started about a year ago, the time leading up to our referendum vote sure did seem to fly by.


As an administrator there are many things that take place in an average day, last week Tuesday I experienced a first in my career, a public vote that would dictate what the next year and a half would bring!  It probably ranks up there as one of the most nerve-wracking days as an administrator that I have had.  At the end of the day when the dust settled, and everything was said and done, a second “first” occurred.  The feeling of satisfaction knowing that all the time and work spent, by everyone involved in this process, was done at the satisfaction of our patrons.  Through this process there have been so many people involved and who were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition that I cannot possibly name them all without forgetting someone.

The Bottineau Public School Board was receptive to ideas, willing to work through hurdles, and 100% supportive of the ideas presented to them and amongst them from the very conception of this idea, Thank You for that, it made the process flow smoothly.


Our Staff has been amazing, they were brought into this project at a very early stage as their input to and understanding of the project was a necessity. They work here every day so who better to provide input than them.  Thank You for your support and energy and you will be relied on as this process moves forward.


Community Supporters for Bottineau Public School – You were instrumental in this vote succeeding.  When we first met and discussed our proposal, I never could have imagined how supportive you all were and how you just “ran” with this.  You reached out to and included all stakeholders, provided the much-needed information and clarification on all questions as they arose.  Thank You, as you promoted this vote in a way that I could have only hoped for making my job much easier.


For those in the community who came and listened to us present or who provided time for us to come to you and present and answer questions, Thank You!  I know that you help spread the word and show the need behind this.


Mostly, I want to thank every Bottineau Public School District patron, all 961 of you were important to this vote.  This is “your” school and you have told us the direction that you want the school to move forward, Thank You for that!


Lastly, Thank You to those Public School Employees who had to work with me and be patient with me daily during this process and to my wife for putting up with my tantrums from time to time over the past year.

I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!