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Speech Events

Humorous Duo – a prewritten piece that students perform with a partner (8 mins or less

Humorous interp – a prewritten humourous piece that students perform themselves (8 mins or less)

Serious Duo – a prewritten serious piece that students perform with a partner (8 mins or less)

Serious interp- a prewritten serious piece that students perform by themselves (8 mins or less)

Dramatic- similar to a serious interp but with more emotion expressed. Done by yourself (8 mins or less)

Inform- a piece that students write themselves about a topic to inform their audience about a certain thing (6 mins or less)

Persuade – a piece that students write themselves and may bring in certain exhibits information about a certain topic to persuade their audience to adapt their viewpoint (6 mins or less)

Entertain – a piece that students write themselves that is meant to entertain the audience (6 mins or less)

Draw Events

Storytelling- you are given 30 minutes to read over a story and then cut to less than 7 minutes. You are to present this story in your own form to a judge by using dramatics/accents etc.. but no script

Radio Broadcasting- you have 30 minutes of draw time to cut news information into 2:45- 3 minutes, and then write a 3-minute commentary about any topic that you choose to give after the news report 6 minute max total

Impromptu- not recommended for new Speech members (7 minutes total time) you get a quote, take a little bit of time to jot some notes or speaking points about this quote and then speak for the remaining time. The speaking time more important than prep time

Extemp speaking- you are given an hour of prep time to answer a certain question relating to current events. Using internet or newspapers, you are to find valid sources to answer and propose a resolution to the question it offers you

EPR- like a mixture of humorous/serious and poetry. You are given a very large piece usually like 15 minutes and have to cut it down to 7 minutes. The piece topic will vary by round but basically you cut out the fluff and write your intro and then give the piece as if it is your own.
2019 Schedule (subject to change) All meets start at 8AM unless otherwise listed

February 2nd- Devils Lake (6AM Departure)
February 9th- Rolette (7AM Departure)
February 16th-Nedrose (5:45 AM Departure) (7AM START)
February 23rd- Velva (6:30 AM Departure)
March 2nd Garrison (6:45 AM Departure) (9AM START)
March 9th Harvey (6:30 AM Departure)
March 23rd Glenburn (6:50 AM Departure)
April 12th Regionals
April 27th State Speech (MANDAN)