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Corona Virus, COVID-19

In acknowledgement of the Corona Virus, COVID-19, if your child or someone in your house has a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, the District is asking that you please keep your child home.

For the remainder of the school year 2020 attendance will be more flexible. We understanding the seriousness of this new situation and want to assure you that your child will not be penalized for absences pertaining to illness. Please continue to call and let us know if your child won’t be at school. We will make every effort to get school work home if your child is absent, we ask that you make every effort to assure your child gets their work completed so they do not get behind.

Our custodial staff has been instructed to amp up surface cleaning and we will do everything we can to prevent the spread of all illnesses in our building. We have been in contact with the ND Dept. of Health, ND Council of Educational Leaders, DPI and the Governor’s Office, the decision to close our facility won’t solely be a local decision as the state has instructed us that they will make an executive decision. We will do our best to keep up communication on the latest updates from public health and DPI.