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2/9 – 12 No Rural Buses & Virtual Learning

We have been meeting and reviewing options in related to running buses in this cold weather. The weather is predicted to get colder each day from here on out through the weekend. Because of the extreme windchills we have decided to eliminate ALL RURAL BUS ROUTES for the remainder of this week. We currently have several in-town pickup locations and have decided that we will continue to run these in town buses. For the in town stops please be prepared and watching for the buses as the time may be a little different than usual, we anticipate that these buses will begin picking up students at approximately 7:55, in town students will not be excused from attendance.

Rural students will also be required to attend their classes virtually, you should be getting information from your teachers on how to connect to your classes. Rural students in grades 7-12 should log into their google accounts to access their Teachers classroom information/link at the regularly scheduled class times. Rural students in grades 5 and 6 should log into their Google Classroom’s, rural students in grades K-4 will have classroom information coming soon, please do not anticipate information delivery until Thursday.