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Tonight You’re Perfect Prom 2015 (Pix!)

The Bottineau Junior Class Presents: ~Tonight You’re Perfect~ Prom 2015 March 28th, 2015     Stream Replay Megan Fix escorted by Braden Pewe Alyssa Millang escorted by Cody Beaver Lachelle Cerkowniak escorted by Michael Sorenson Alexis Kihle escorted by Kellen...

Regional Science Olympiad Results

The science students did really great at yesterday’s competition. Kailin Millang and Hayden Vandal placed 2nd in Bungee Drop (something they just came up with this week!). Bailey Schmidt and Nolan Pewe placed 1st in Write It, Do It on performing an experiment. Nic Costa and Kailin Millang placed 1st in Entomology. Bailey Schmidt placed 2nd in Forensics. I’m very proud of these students, we are advancing to state...

2014 Grand March (Pix!)

Stephanie Brenden & Braden Pewe LauraEllen Brandjord & Jared Munson Maria Diepolder & Zack Monson Erin Severson & Dusty Bryantt Rachael Fix & Ian Tooke Megan Fix & Cody Bedlion Bailey Neubauer & Garret Pollman

Snowfest 2014 (Pix!)

Some pix from the events of snowfest 2014!

Dodge Ball & Parade (pix)

Dodge Ball and Parade pix 2013

Blanket Volleyball (Pix)

Blanket Volleyball 2013