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Forgotten Fire (Chapters 24-end of book)

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This page links to the continuation of Forgotten Fire, Chapters 24-35.

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Forgotten Fire (Audio Book)

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In 1915 Vahan Kenderian is living a life of privilege as the youngest son of a wealthy Armenian family in Turkey. This secure world is shattered when some family members are whisked away while others are murdered before his eyes. Vahan loses his home and family, and is forced to live a life he would never have dreamed of in order to survive. Somehow Vahan’s incredible strength and spirit help him endure, even knowing that each day could be his last.

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I attended the 2014 spring NDATL conference this past friday (4/11) in Bismarck.  In my mind, the purpose of this gathering is to enrich our understanding about how to best deliver I.T. to the classroom.  For the past couple of conferences, I have been a little disappointed in the offerings for professional enrichment.  Here is a PDF of the break out sessions.  In total we see that there are 40 time slots, of which anyone can attend 5.  In order, I attended: Learning to Code Mobility and BOYD in Education Phone Systems Apple Deployment...

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2014 Grand March (Pix!)

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Stephanie Brenden & Braden Pewe LauraEllen Brandjord & Jared Munson Maria Diepolder & Zack Monson Erin Severson & Dusty Bryantt Rachael Fix & Ian Tooke Megan Fix & Cody Bedlion Bailey Neubauer & Garret Pollman Megan Saville & Seth Nelson Karlee McCloud & Paxton E

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